This is a blog about the things that interest and affect me and my family: feminism, gender, attachment parenting (particularly babywearing and breastfeeding), food enjoyment and fat acceptance. My thoughts often tend to the intersection of these – for example, the feminism involved in raising a daughter who loves her body in a diet culture – so expect that kind of thing.

Post titles will serve as content notes; I will add trigger warnings if necessary or requested. Good faith and politeness are assumed on everyone’s part, though I will not hesitate to delete your comment and ban you. This will happen if you are rude, unwilling to educate yourself, or make any judgment on my parenting. Conversely, if I make a mistake and show myself to be problematic when I hope to be an ally, call me out.

Language used here will be a mix of UK and US English – I’m British but have spent so much time in the international education system I don’t even know what’s what anymore.


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