A short update for anyone who is interested in having a floor bed nursery:

At seven and a half months old, N is crawling, pulling herself up, standing unsupported and (rarely) taking individual steps. As such we have had to make a few small alterations to her room in order to keep it baby-safe.

The biggest change was removing a folded-up travel cot from just in front of her door. It was stopping her from escaping, right up until the day she pulled herself up and wriggled over it on her belly. Now she has access to the landing – a small patch of carpet – but we keep both the bathroom and bedroom doors shut to stop her from endangering herself. (She is allowed in both rooms under supervision.) There is a baby gate at the top of the stairs. We have decided against having another baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, instead allowing careful exploration under adult supervision (as I mentioned yesterday).

We have also removed the penguin nesting dolls from the top of the bookcase – since N began pulling herself up to a standing position and discovered the toys up there, we have felt it was safer for her to only have access to soft toys. We have also added a water bottle (half full, with the lid tightly screwed on) to her toy basket, and she has a lot more books than she used to. N is a lot more active and involved when we read to her, and we are encouraging her to touch books with phrases like “stroke gently”, which can be rather difficult for everyone!

Other than that the room is the same as it was when we set it up two and a half months ago. The layout works well for us for the time being, although we would really like to get rid of a few bits of furniture our landlord stores with us.

I mentioned above that N is not allowed unsupervised in the other two upstairs rooms. Our bedroom has not been baby-proofed, and the bathroom has an exposed radiator. I am working with her on the concept of one-finger-touching, which a friend of mine has used to excellent effect with her now-two-year-old – xe got the hang of it before hir first Christmas, which meant they could have a Christmas tree without worry! We also practise the sign for ‘hot’, and I am beginning to introduce ‘slow’, because I worry about her crawling too fast in our bedroom and banging into something.

I imagine the next update will come after Christmas, because I happen to know that we will need to do some room-rearranging then!