I’m Francesca: radical feminist, attachment parent, sometimes-keen cook, hopeful writer. I say ‘hopeful’ because most of the things I write eventually fall by the wayside (see: baby) but I’ve been longing for a space to vocalize and record some of my thoughts so here goes.

I will be blogging what I know, so being a stay-at-home mother and angry feminist and how those two roles interact. My old blog was exclusively a cooking blog, so I’ll post the occasional recipe. I also believe that some revolutionary food attitudes are an integral part of being a feminist, so expect some musings on food too.

Introductions are always dull, so let’s get on with it! Here are some topics I have ideas about and will be writing posts on, hopefully sooner than later:

  • Sleep. What’s the best approach for the baby, and what’s the best approach for us, her parents? How have her sleep requirements changed over time and how have we adapted to that?
  • Dressing a big baby girl – the onslaught of pink dresses in size 3-6 months.
  • My experience of pregnancy: accidental but within the contexts of a loving relationship; wanted but living in a country where abortion is illegal; a very physical experience that I don’t believe is told often enough.
  • The politics of eating as a woman, and baby-led weaning.
  • Letters to my baby with a twist – releasing tension and anger so she doesn’t see me dealing with negative emotions in a non-constructive way.